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Thread: End of Colosseum season 1 - World Monster coming back

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    Default End of Colosseum season 1 - World Monster coming back

    New in-game piece of news:

    Countdown to Colosseum Season 1
    May 8, 2019 by CA Team

    Dear heroes, the first season of Colosseum will be officially over on May 13th 00:00 PDT, and it will be suspended to prepare for a new season with new contents and rewards. Please note that your Honor Points won't be cleared when next season starts. During this time, the World Monster would make a comeback. Enjoy an exciting season finale of Colosseum and get ready for the Cerberus next Monday at 8 am PDT!

    As you can see:
    • Colosseum S1 will end with the last time-slot of Sunday, May 12th (I think)
    • The World Monster is coming back the next day (Monday, May 13th), and will probably remain until Colosseum S2 arrives
    • Colosseum S2 will feature "new contents and rewards". You'll keep your unused Honor Points from S1
    • No date is given for the S2 start

    It would be very nice to know what the S2 rewards will be before S1 ends.
    So we can use or save our Honor Points accordingly.

    Durations for the curious:

    World Monster
    Oct. 23, 2017 - Nov 1, 2018
    => 375 days (1 year, 10 days)

    Colosseum Season 1
    Nov. 20, 2018 - May 13, 2019
    => 175 days (5 months, 24 days)

    Official News post on forums:
    Colosseum Season One and World Monster
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    i hope that cerberus have revised and better rewards this time.

    and that Colo S2 will be back the soonest. i really like Coloseum feature tbh.
    for the meantime add me 5E51FD and this
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    1. So looking forward to a break from Colo. The event gave away a ton of Time Keepers, and I don’t expect the Time Keeper to return in Season 2.

    2. Here’s how I changed my Runes to adapt to Colo (before Colo and now):
    Atk 875 -> 905
    Def 920 -> 960
    Dmg 828 -> 880
    Hth 676 -> 744

    I will keep working hard to build my dmg & health runes. It’s true what they say: Health is the new Defense. I will also take this time to work on leveling a few generals that will help me in Colo. I might even start working on the Mystic Warbanner.

    In summary, Colo got me to spend a lot of money in this game and I had fun after the initial “beta” mode.

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    I hope they wont remove Unbind Stones from rewards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fadasmax View Post
    I hope they wont remove Unbind Stones from rewards.
    My thoughts exactly

    I already bought 20 though, but I'd like to know I can buy more in the future if needed... Otherwise I probably won't use them on Common Gems and Ingots as I had planned to.

    Some extra info on durations for the curious:

    World Monster
    Oct. 23, 2017 - Nov 1, 2018
    => 375 days (1 year, 10 days)

    Colosseum Season 1
    Nov. 20, 2018 - May 13, 2019
    => 175 days (5 months, 24 days)
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    YES brought back by popular demand...?

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    Well, damn....
    I have a 3-Star Time Keeper, was going for 4-star; have 1/3 copies and was going to buy the 2nd this week..... but I'd still need a 3rd copy and may never get it.....
    Should I buy him and hope for the best or invest in Unbind Stones?

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    If he'll be a reward in next season you'll be able to get him then, and complete 4 stars so you could save the points as apparently they won't be reset

    If you buy him and he won't be a reward you might be wasting your points.

    On the other hand, if you will need just one more copy and he'll be a prize in some other event, it will likely be easier in that event to get one copy than 3.

    Personally I wouldn't buy more copies, if I couldn't complete the final star I wanted, but there are situations when you might want to do that.

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    Here's to hoping that S2 will also feature reasonable performance so that people can actually play it instead of having to muddle through the endless tripping and empty clicks.
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    For all of the performance issues with S1, it was fun at times. I had two battles yesterday go to the very end to determine the winner, because it was back and forth the whole time. World Monster? Meh, performance issues with MHing is fun? I am sure it brings in revenue, which is understandable, but I would far rather see them release a new monster for people to chase and keep Colosseum.

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