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Thread: most efficient way to do conquest paths

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    Default most efficient way to do conquest paths

    So - my long break away from the game means that I am sooooo far behind on conquerer, hunter, and guardian paths, and I need them to make new legendary items.

    the limit is, of course, collecting 2x a day, and that natural regen (especially on guardian) means it takes more than a day to get enough for a mithril. Some days, obviously, will require refills (that's accepted in this analysis).

    So, to get the top items - i need 396,000 path points, and 165 mithrils -
    Just doing 100% mithrils means I wont have 396,000 points - I need to figure out how to maximize points to get to the 396,000 - so does this mean doing some gold/silver, even bronze?

    Curious of thoughts here on best way to do this.

    Assumptions to make -
    1. I will hit enough on a conquest monster to get mithril if desired - refills are expected
    2. I have 18 conquest tokens for refilling on conquerer and guardian (soon to be 19).
    3. I dont like refilling conquest tokens as much, as I prefer refilling on stamina.
    4. I'm at 294,000 and 125 mithrils for conquerer; 159,000 and 68 mithril for hunter; 151,000 and 34 mithrils for guardian.


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    The way I see it, the efficient way to go about it, is to get the mithrils you need (165 for 255,750 lifetime points) and the remaining lifetime points in mostly golds (around 140). A mithril medal is only 1550 lifetime points with a 4500 points cost, vs gold which are 1000 for 1000.

    Prioritize guardian because it tends to be harder (in most guilds), than Conqueror. You can always get conqueror points, but if you miss an opportunity for guardian, you could find yourself stuck at something like 4000 points for a few days.

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    You can complete paths sequentially or concurrently (aka serial vs parallel). Either chose is “efficient”. Perhaps you are asking about the fastest means to finish all three paths.

    I chose to do paths sequentially and avoid the refilling and headaches (I was in a level 12 guild back then). So I first finish the conquest path at 165 (or chose 220) mithrils and then started Guardian path of 165 (or 220) mithrils and now am working on hunter path of 165 mithrils. I am skipping the engineer path.

    Once I started the Guardian path, I try to get as much conquest path points as possible, e.g. primarily goal was guardian points and conquest points were secondary. By the time Hunter path came along, conqueror path was entirely completed so guardian points were secondary.

    When I was trying to finish all three paths concurrently in the past, one of them would be a bottleneck and slow me down and usually it was the hunter path. Plus I had so much wasted tokens on conqueror and guardian paths while waiting on hunter path to reach a mithrils level. Unless I spend on refills or got the right loadout for LoM war, it was a mess. I decided sequentially was the most efficient manner for my playing style.

    Btw, the Elite hunter gears are the gatekeepers to most of the legendary gear.

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    I'm looking to do this as fast as possible - we have plenty of monsters for hunter, but I dont alwyas have the option to collect twice every day.
    I generally try to not collect, until I'm clear on either guardian or conquerer - and then do 2 mithril collects, and then give myself time again to get to mithril with conquest tokens.
    But...obviously, I need to collect more golds, so aiming for the 140 golds, I should probably try to rack some of those up, from time to time, just when I'm collecting.
    Thanks for comments above about points - all helpful.

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    For fastest conqueror, guardian & hunter paths:

    - Be in lvl 24 to get max guild benefits
    - Use MK to increase naturally regenerated tokens (one token regens in about 41 minutes) and during refills
    - Takes 60 tokens at 50 pts (lvl 901+ victories) with 150 pt default bonus to get a mithril for either Conqueror or Guardian path
    - Guardian points comes from LoE friendly fire or defense every other day (due to 24-hr cool down) and being a defender in LoM war (land in LoM are 24 hours of war followed by 48 hour protection).

    Hunter points are based on stamina employed and it really helps if your guild owns a ton of land from sniping and/or land transfers.

    You can easily get two Gold collects a day for both Conqueror & Guardian paths with refills.

    Or, if you time it correctly, you can alternate one collect of one Gold each for Conqueror & Guardian and other collect of mithrils for Conqueror, Guardian & Hunter. You cycle between Gold & Mithril collects: 1,000 + 1,550 path points for two collects and still get in a mithril during the cycle.

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    First, Conqueror and Guardian:

    Basically, Gold Medals are super easy to come by.
    You only need 11 tokens to get one so if you can always get one and collect right away if needed (while for a Mithril you need 60 tokens with max bonuses - which you should have. See each "Quickest way to earn" section on this page if necessary:

    So what I think you should do is focus on getting Mithrils, and when it's going to be too annoying to plan or successfully collect several Mithrils at one, get a Gold Medal (or another medal, developed later below) in one of those Paths instead of a Mithril.

    If you end up getting 165 Mithrils before 396k points, it's no big deal.
    As I said, Gold Medals are easy to come by, and you'll be able to get 2 in one Path every day easily (maybe almost 4 in 2 different Paths in 24 hours I think, when you're Conquest lvl 100?).
    Even if you collected ONLY Mithrils, you'd reach 255,750 points with 165 Mithrils.
    So you'd need 141,150 more points, which could then be done in roughly 70 days.

    On another note, Gold Medals by themselves are pretty useless (the 1000 points is what's interesting), because the top item requiring Gold Medals requires 160 of them. And you'll get 165 just by collecting Mithrils.
    Same goes for Platinum, you'll get them at the same time as Mithrils. So if you're above 3000 pts, do NOT collect before reaching 4500 (unless "necessary").

    What this means is that basically, if all you care about is reaching 165 Mithrils and 396k points (and don't care about getting items in the middle efficiently), you should either collect Mithrils, or collect just for the points.
    What this implies is that Gold Medals are not necessarily the best medals.
    Actually, for Conqueror and Guardian, Bronze Medals are the best "bang for your buck", as you only need 2 tokens to get one (250 pts). Then it's Gold Medals (11 tokens for 1000 pts), and finally Silver Medals (6 tokens for 500 pts).

    So if we weren't limited by 2 Collects a day, getting only Bronze Medals would be the best for points.

    So getting just a Mithril in one of the 2 Paths and squeezing in a Bronze Medal for the other Path before collecting is also an efficient way to go (although it won't be enough to reach 396k by the time you have 165 Mithrils if you only collect Mithrils and Bronze, but as said above it's really not an issue anyway).

    Also, as zserg said, prioritize Guardian points over Conqueror points as you can get Conqueror pts whenever you want.

    The Hunter Path is the longest of the 3 by far.

    But in "theory", if you really don't care about refills and overhitting at all, you could get 2 Mithrils every time your guild clears a land (which could probably be once every 1 to 3 days depending on your guild) by using roughly 4k stamina on each of the 2 LoM mobs.
    In that case, it's probably better to be in a guild which does almost exclusively Hard Explores, otherwise you're going to overhit even more on Normal Explore mobs.

    I say "roughly 4k" because it depends on the bonus you get.
    Personally I always prepare for the lowest bonus possible because I hate finding myself with smth like 4,380 points and not being able to collect before the next mobs or before my guild gets new lands for more bonus.
    It can make you lose huge amounts of time, days sometimes, before you can collect. And since Hunter is the hardest Path of the 3, I'm not going to collect without my Mithril if I'm way above 1000 Hunter points already.

    In my guild, this is how I do things for the Hunter Path (we do 1 Hard / 1 Normal Explore):
    - Hard Explore: I usually go for a Mithril. I aim for 4070 stamina divided on both mobs, as the lowest bonus I should get in my guild is +8% (2 lands, lvl 23 - even though we usually have more lands and are almost always lvl 24). (4070 +100) * 1.08 = 4503 Hunter points
    - Normal Explore: I usually go for a Gold Medal. This is 830 stam divided on both mobs.

    Though I don't use refills so sometimes I miss my goal. Sometimes after a Hard explore I don't have enough points for a Mithril so I use the following Explore (Normal) to get enough points and thus miss out on an extra Gold Medal.

    Also, I always wait for both LoM mobs to be dead and collect on both at once.
    If you collect on one and need the 2nd one to reach 4500 points, and it takes longer than expected to go down, in the meantime if you're already at 4500 for Conqueror and Guardian you're wasting tokens.
    Though you need both Conqueror and Guardian points so that shouldn't happen too often. Personally I only need Guardian points so I need to be careful with this stuff.

    If needed, you can also wait 24 hours after both mobs are dead to collect, or even more by using the monster links. Be careful though, I'm not sure how long you have to collect after the 24 hours period (I think it depends on how quickly they were killed), and also for Hard Explore, if an Ouroboros spawns it will replace the first monster of the land and you won't be able to collect anymore.

    Other notes on Hunter Path:
    - Contrary to Conqueror and Guardian, you shouldn't go for Mithrils all the time, as Gold Medals are not as easy to get in the Hunter Path.
    - Silver Medals are the best bang for your buck in this Path, but personally I'd rather go for a Gold one as I want to get points faster, even if that means I'll overhit.

    Soooooo I think that pretty much sums it up

    I think you maybe wanted a more mathematical approach, to know exactly what to do to get 165 Mithrils and 396k points roughly at the same time. But I don't think it's necessary nor useful because I don't think you'll make it work. It's too annoying (or even impossible) to plan something very precisely over a long period of time, especially because of the Guardian and Hunter Path which don't depend on you only.

    It will be easier to adjust your plans when you come closer to your goal.
    If you reach 155 Mithrils in Guardian and see you're only at 250k points (such difference probably won't happen, it's just for the example), you can say "now I'm going to focus on Gold Medals and I'll just get Mithrils every now and then when it's convenient".
    What should not happen is you reaching high amounts of points (e.g. 350k) with a very low amount of Mithrils (e.g. 25).
    That's really the only scenario where you'd be wasting resources and time. And that's also why you should begin by focusing mostly on Mithrils (especially in token Paths).
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    Thanks guys - great detail.
    The hunter and guardian are a pain - guardian, just for the 24 hour timelimit to get the 60 tokens (obviously I can heal someone at +901)>
    The hunter for counting stamina and also getting in my damage, and not overhitting or underhitting. We clear lands every other day - 4 hard, 1 med. The med lands are good for gold, the hard lands usually get me to 3500 points - so I often have to do 2 collects to get a mithril. Vargs are better, they are always a mithril for collections.
    I'll just keep trucking on the mithrils - and I will do some low collects on monster, any time they are available, that's great advice.

    "When we saw we were fighting a guild of 29, we said it would end in a slaughter. It did, but not quite how we thought."

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    Only thing I may add from already said above:
    - Priorize guardian but start with all 3 paths at the same time. When there is no land in defend you can make use of the excess of tokens in conqueror, and hunter does not use tokens. You will realize starting both conqueror and guardian in pararell is way faster than sequential.
    - You will need more points than the mithrills you need. The most efficient way taking into account other aspects is hitting both for mithrill and gold. I would start with around 80-100 gold first, then mithrill and not the other way around because you will more rewards during the first part of your path process.
    - Being in a guild lv24 and using the bonuses is key factor.

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