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Thread: Max possible Critical Hit Chance - Above 100% in theory!

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    Playing for years and I had no idea. I've just gone through denial, anger, depression and now I'm at acceptance. Better start trying to roll a better general now that the third spot is up for grabs. Thanks for the info.
    If by "trying to roll" you mean buying chests waiting for Malekus, Kang or alike, I would suggest not doing it. The perfect alliance will be Barbarus-Dolomar-Monkey for most of the players. Barbarus is a monthly general and so is Dolomar (only 1% less crit chance than Kang from chest) and Monkey King is a matter of work and luck in Meteorite and Arena.
    Until you get a Monkey King, rolling a chest to cover 3rd spot seems not worthy to me if you already have another high leveled aggressive general.

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    Fair point. I'll have to start hoarding stamina pots for meteorite

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    Malekus doesn't belong in the third slot.
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    #1 it's not nice to be mean to ppl
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