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Thread: Legendary weapons only allowing common gems when using the forge.

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    I believe your list is correct. Except that Unbind Stone isn't a weapon so even though the alchemy is considered "legendary" it's not a legendary equipment.

    You can also find the list on the wiki:
    Each latest equipment of each "group" is legendary.

    Though on the alchemy page the names are kinda weird sometimes, for instance the groups for Samael's alchemies are Legion Skyhelm 3 and Legion Skyguard 3, but the legendary equips are actually Helm of the Dragon-God and Dragonscale Chestguard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Groo the W. View Post
    Thanks, Not sure if I have this correct:
    Trident, Fang Glave, Envenomed Glave aren't legendary because they ARe consumed and maw of the void we just don't know either way?
    But elite dragonslayer blade and elite warbringer longblade are elite? because they are NOT consumed? But then genesis sword isnt consumed either!
    or you mean any item that is made from item not consumed is the only Legendaries?
    Unbind Stone
    Glorious Amulet
    Shiny Glove
    Divine Sky Breaker
    Arcane Warbanner
    Maw of the Void
    Elandal Crushers
    Legion Skyhelm 3
    Legion Skyguard 3
    Flamebound Destroyer
    Astaroth Amulet
    Astaroth Blade
    Thanatos Plate
    Thanatos Gauntlet
    Titan Aetherforge
    Helm of Zeus
    Divine Helm of Zeus
    Shalazars Mantle
    Gorgon Protector
    Legendary Deathgauntlet
    Legendary Deathmantle
    Legendary Gorgons Heart
    If you see a gear that has a ďMust Own (not consume)Ē as a prerequisite, then that gear is a legendary gear.

    Itís what I wrote earlier: Legendary has a STUPID gatekeeper that prevents you from alchemizing despite having all the necessary ingredients for that legendary gear.

    Hereís an example: I have all ingredients for Astraroth Gear but cannot alchemize because I am missing the Elite Dragonslayer blade; or said differently, despite having 2 Cronus Blades, I cannot create the legendary gear Astraroth Blade because legendary gear REQUIRE MORE THAN JUST THE EFFEN INGREDIENTS!!!

    The Devís adding Elite Hunter gears as gatekeepers got me to stop spending money on the game. It takes years to get those elite gear in hunter path and favors those players that have played longer than me.

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