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Thread: Bought Monkey promo of a whooping 90 bucks! Nothings has come

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suwayyah View Post
    I have written to

    I thank you a lot for your help. I am not an ungrateful person. I really do appreciate your help, so thanks. But this is beyond anything I've ever seen. It's going on many days now and I still havent recieved anything. This cannot be right. I work very hard for my money and getting scammed like this does not feel good. I was never told that i'dd have to pay 120 bucks. I'm sorry if I come off the wrong way, but I am litterally in shock. I did not expect this kind of treatment from my favourite game that Castle age is....

    Quote Originally Posted by Suwayyah View Post
    and don't you dare describe me as someone who's "screaming". 120 USD is a lot of money to some people. You have absolutely no clue how long it took me to save that kind of money to finally get the monkey king. I do appreciate your replies but I will not listen to you talking down to me. I am a new player and I'm still learning the ropes and of course i am upset. I did not expect this kind of treatment from my new favourite game that I am pouring my money into.

    Have a nice day
    "Screaming" was a figure of speech to describe the way you were acting.
    - You created at least 3 different threads and wrote on a 4th one about this same issue
    - Using lots of exclamation & question marks (???? and !!!!!!!!)
    - Using words in full CAPS.

    => To me that was pretty much the online equivalent of someone "screaming".

    I did not like it so I wrote that. Ofc I do understand you were doing that in an attempt to get your point across and get an answer more quickly (I suppose).

    I do realize 120 USD is a lot of money. I really do.

    Btw, I checked on the Danish Castle Age iOS app:

    And here's what you can see on it:

    "650 Favor Points - 799,00 kr"

    kr = DKK, right?
    If that's right, then you know why the price was 120 USD (I elaborated on it in my previous post).

    Also, I understand that you're upset. I would be very annoyed as well if that happened to me.
    However I completely disagree when you say "getting scammed" and "I did not expect this kind of treatment".
    There was an issue with the payment or whatever. That happens. Castle Age has no reason at all not to give you the FPs if they received your payment. It's a virtual currency, they have literally 0 reason not to add it to your account.
    It's not a scam, it's an issue that needs to be resolved. That's why I told you to contact Support (and now you have, so, good). They're not "treating you that way" on purpose, and I see no reason why you wouldn't receive your FP (or refund) once the issuer has been sorted out with Support.

    Anyway, I sincerely hope your issue gets sorted out quickly and hopefully you can still get your Monkey King.
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