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Thread: Spreadsheet - Calculate your effective stats with Pierce & Resistance!

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    Effective 10142 Attack Defense 8*298
    No Idea what to make of this. I am level 233

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    Quote Originally Posted by Needcoffee View Post
    For whatever its worth, I asked Elandal this question a long time ago and came away with the same understanding as posted by gogoo - that pierce and res were applied after all stats (including runes, archives, gens, equipment) were taken into account on an 'equal' basis.
    Now that you say that, I think he said the same thing to me. In the early days of testing, generals and equipment had such low stats that we probably could not tell. I think Elandel saying that it includes everything is why I added my lvl 80 Barbie to my defensive loadout until earlier this year when I subbed in Hera. Hera is now gone, replaced by Dawn, which actually is better than Barbie. I should be almost 1100 better than with Hera, not counting the 46 elemental resistance I was getting from her.

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    Default Update time! :D


    The spreadsheet has been updated (mostly by Retribution, thanks!) and now allows 2 new things:
    • Calculate your eBSI (and eAtk / level and eDef / level)
    • Simulate battles between 2 players

    Here's the new link (also updated in the first post):

    --- Calculator + BattleSim ---

    The spreadsheet now has 2 additional tabs called BattleSim and BattleSim2, which allow you to simulate battles between either you and any other player, or between any 2 players.

    These are pretty much the same tabs, except that in the first one, your own stats are already filled (imported from the first tab, the Calculator), so you only have to fill your opponent's stats. But in case you want to use other stats to simulate the battle, you can use BattleSim2 to fill stats for both players.

    How it works:
    Just fill the stats (atk/def and pierce/resist), and the spreadsheet will display who should win the duel.


    Now we can test the spreadsheet's accuracy by simulating battles like some of you guys wanted to do earlier
    If the duel result given by the spreadsheet differs from the actual in-game result, it may indicate that the pierce/resist formulas used are slightly off.
    Though keep in mind that there is a "random factor" used in Castle Age battles and that a "tie" is not possible in the game like it is on the spreadsheet.


    On another note, Badpuppehs (on Discord) put up a Google Form to gather eBSI data from all players:

    --- Pierce and Resistance Calculator Data ---

    I think he wants to eventually make graphs like those in this thread:
    But with updated data, relevant to today's standards

    Simply by filling the first tab of the spreadsheet (Calculator) exactly like before, you will now get your eAtk/level and eDef/level values, which you can then enter in the Google Form.

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