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Thread: Is CA finally shutting down? [NOPE]

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    Too much money t be made to shut down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gogoo View Post
    Actually I'm pretty sure a "the" is missing there:
    "to provide our users with [the] most enjoyable play experience"
    If you read closely you can actually stumble on something out of place at the start of that same sentence.

    "Since launch, the team has done" is by definition false.

    At launch "the team" was Phoenix Age. Later that team got bought by Kabam and remained the same team (more or less). Then Gaea bought the game but -not- the team. So no team at Gaea could ever have done their best at anything for this game since launch.

    I agree with the rest of your assessment though. Stupidity knows no bounds. I am going to guess that this is one of those #fixitorkillit supporters who believes that everyone feels that way and who could fool people into believing that Gaea had taken the advice "or kill it" to heart.

    Honestly, this would have been funnier had it been posted a few weeks later.
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