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    Can I please be directed to information about the Vampire Power? Thanks

    Can get Vincent to work as a Vamp.
    Does vamping with a Poison help?

    Thanks again

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    It's been discussed on several threads before but the short version is the more damage you do the more you get back on vampire, to the point that a vampire with enough leech could revive itself and it's tower from the dead when at zero if done right, (combo guard, poly, poison with strong leech power)

    Vincent also works as a vamp, the Hrothbert family is from the chests is the best combo to use though.

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    To raise your whole gate/tower, you'd have to be a Cleric, which gives much less damage possible than Warrior.

    The real trick is to have a strong Warrior have a solid vamp alliance and get back enough hp for Clerics in other gates to be able to Mass Heal the whole gate back up. And to do it fast enough that your opponents can't counter.

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    ideally you need your team to put a poly on a poisoned target, gives the best chance of getting more health than dmg you take

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