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Thread: Top Offensive PvP generals?

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    Default Top Offensive PvP generals?

    It seems like with General Promotion, pretty much all of the Chest Generals are not realistically go to generals anymore as you'd need to tons of FP to get enough of them to promote. Is a 5* Guinevere about as good as you are going to get for an offensive general due to the piercing?

    Which generals are commonly used for offensive purposes and what generals are they generally paired with?

    Is it mostly just a high piercing general + 2 others that do helpful class/guild skills/guild battle support?

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    I believe this part of the wiki is quite up to date:

    The best PVP (attack) load out for you will vary based on which generals you can get. Layla first will significantly improve a pierce load out. Brakus is the strongest non-chest pierce general because of the combination of both fire and physical pierce. Odin is the strongest chest pierce general at 8 stars. Remiel is the best third general because of his ability to transfer divine power to pierce. Pierce needs to be considered with general stats so far as the total A/D stats of the general alliance needs to be compared to Pierce amounts in order to determine which provides the best benefit. The best PVP loadouts are generally one of these combinations.

    1. Layla - (Best Pierce General) - Remiel
    2. (Best Physical pierce general) - (Best Elemental pierce) - Remiel
    3. (Best Physical Pierce) - (Best Elemental Pierce) - (Second best Elemental Pierce)
    4. Adding Malekus into the mix or any other general that is significantly larger than the others may in fact be stronger.

    In general, adding 10 pierce can add between 200 and 700 attack based on your attack values, while adding 10 attack to a general can add between 20 and 50 attack because of pierce levels. Careful consideration should be given to when its right to use a pierce general and when its right to use a high A/D general in order to get the strongest load out for PVP.

    • The best Pierce generals include leveled up Odin, Brakus, and Guinevere in that order
    • The best Physical Pierce generals include leveled up Odin, Guinevere, and Annika
    • The best Elemental pierce general is Brakus
    However it was probably written when Odin was obtainable through the World Monster and the Mystic Emporium didn't exist, so Odin would be promoted to 8 stars a lot more easily than today and Brakus was capped at 5 stars.

    So Brakus is better than Odin now I guess.

    Maybe wait for people who actually have a good offensive alliance themselves to confirm all of this to you though :P
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    Best easily available is Guinevere - brakus - remiel dependant on lvls stars.
    Annika is cheaper to lvls so worth it if you are low on red-green crystals

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    Keep in mind that build matters. Evalice may be the best offensive lead general due to the stat transfer.

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    Yes, generals can be tricky!
    I'm pretty good with pierce from gems so if I sacrifice some general pierce for pure atk stat I get +2068 from Evalice lead and Jahanna in #3, combine with best pierce gen in #2 it can give me the edge in some battles

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    Hitting someone with strider is still pretty universally accepted as offensive.

    Def-load shaming is much harder than it used to be.
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    Well for my taste 4* Odin 5* Malekus** and an 8* Remiel. I'm pretty squishy now but I still hang in there.
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    Batw Katherine is the best offensive general, fight me if you disagree.

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    i heard defense is the best offense...

    so i would say. gorlak.
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