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Thread: Battle info?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Reaper View Post
    I don't use iOS so I can't confirm whether they have a feed.

    However, they can login on web3/4 where I do believe web hits will show for them.
    Quote Originally Posted by namaxe View Post
    In iOS you will find it in the general news feeds. There you can see all logs, monsters your army asked your help with, messages, and you have hit you. There are icons at the top to filter each of these types of events, like hits.

    Important to remind what someone has previously pointed out: in iOS feed you will see iOS hits only, in web3 you will see web3/fb hits only and not iOS.
    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strahan View Post
    Thanks a lot!
    Yw! But oof! I forgot to ask if you're using iOS. My bad.

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