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Thread: Festival Duel: WTF Happened?

  1. Default Festival Duel: WTF Happened?

    I hit 300 shortly before I stopped playing. There were a lot of active players within my level then. After 3 years, all I see are unicorns. Lowest I think was a 700-ish. So now my points are being leeched off by unicorns and I got no one to gain points from.

    Have FD been closed off to new players?

    (Currently lvl360. I'm slow leveling because I'm rebuilding my toon. And yeah I still want the hammer and Kraxus, despite him being weak by today's standards.)

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    The matchups are terrible no matter what your level. It's been like that for years. I can go hours without anything in the list that will give me points to hit. I'm mid level, and striving to hit 200k in the list, but at 3 pts per win...well, been at it since January and went from 100k to 184k... Most of the time, the duel level that they match me with is 0-7. I need 10-18 to get this over with. Not happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danellem View Post
    Most of the time, the duel level that they match me with is 0-7. I need 10-18 to get this over with. Not happening.
    Oof! That'll take some serious grinding.

    I managed to get to 7 before I stopped. And I usually found people within my level, give or take 50-100 levels. Nowadays tho... *facepalm

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    I get an hour of people roughly my level, but at Ranks below 7, then I get 20-30 minutes (not counting, just refreshing every 5 minutes or so while I am doing something else) where I get rank 10-18 and level 2000+, which is way over my level.

    Then I *might* get one at the right level for me, and the right rank, but only ONE of them, with the rest being rank 5. No points to be had, wait another 5-10 minutes.

    Then the next refresh might give me a few level 8-9-10s, which if I hit every one, will subtract more than I hit, because the level 8 is the only one that I can win on, but it's already nearly dead, so I lost more points looking than winning.

    I think up to Rank 7 was easy, if I recall. Easy to get to 40k because the points are there even from the low ranks. Once the low ranks give 0, seems like that's all that's in the matchups for most of the day.

    I'm to the point where I don't care if they are real people in there anymore. I just want to finish off this old challenge and cross the Eradicator Hammer from my todo list.

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    lol I know the feeling. Except I'm not patient enough to wait on hours for the right group to hit my feed. *sigh

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    Quote Originally Posted by danellem View Post
    Idk which level you're at, but there are probably not many people at your level with the ranks your looking for and it's probably not the fault of the game :/ Not that many people take the time to reach high levels in Duel Champion, it's such a huge grind. At first I was thinking about going for 150k points (rank 10) because the Slaughterer looks dope IMO, but I stopped at 40k (rank 7). And most players don't even go for this rank.

    Maybe I'll get back to it when I have better equips / gems so I can find targets more easily.
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    Yeah, I tried this last year and didn't have the patience. Have plenty of stuff, but it doesn't really make that much difference. This year is probably my last year to try. Been at it since CA came out, so just wanting to finish it off. Good luck!

    Oh, and only at level 1k. Took the slow road, didn't play much some years, other years more. I have one that I played on my phone that caught up in half the time because they changed the stamina regeneration clock. It has the same problem.
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    It takes someone who has reached full level, willing to strip down, and low general to let others get good points. I only do it on direct request as Edea let’s me take no damage, and stay going longer. There is another, name escapes me at the moment that has helped a lot, to the toon of more than a million loses

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    I was at rank 9 and trying to move up to get Kraxus. The last update/failure, they dropped me back to zero points. 7F130B. I have 40 duel points now because I have hit twice just to check the insanity. It's not the stamina spent, it's the time wasted.

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    I remember it took me a couple weeks to go from rank 9 to 10 with festival duels, you have to keep refreshing the page until a list of people around your level come up.
    it's a real pain and requires a lot of patience with little reward other then having a cool badge on your keep page.
    you also need to chain other players to oblivion due to the massive grind which some take very personally, i literally had 2 guilds attack me when grinding to rank 10 lol
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