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Thread: Orient stat increase buttons horizontally? :)

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    Default Orient stat increase buttons horizontally? :)

    Heh, so after a lengthy lay off, I went to allocate some SPs that I picked up with the promo during a time when I had opted into a Colosseum battle. I was in the quarter second or so of when my brain told my finger to click because my mouse was over the Defense stat increase button when all of a sudden the Colosseum battle alert popped up and shifted my keep down to where my cursor was now over energy. If the stat increase buttons were oriented horizontally, things like this wouldn't be an issue. I know it has also gotten me in the past with the alert every 25 points too.

    While this isn't a huge thing, it would be a nice quality of life improvement.

    From now on I'm going to just cut and paste the urls so I don't make another inadvertent mistake.

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    can we put this on the list AFTER new: quest lands/monsters/seasons in 10`s and 100`s and stop script use. please :-)

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    Or just allow you to put in all skill points then confirm where you placed them , but might be too difficult for them to do.

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    This is actually a briliant suggestion o.O

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