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Thread: Demi Points Got Reset to Zero?

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    Default Demi Points Got Reset to Zero?

    I clicked on Pray and got awarded a Shield for Malekus. I thought...maybe they expanded the Demi Point rewards?
    Wrong. My Demi-points musts have gotten reset to zero a week or so ago. It is such an automatic thing...I never look at the amounts. Must have had over 100K before?

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    Then lucky you, you can get a few free FPs again :P

    Otherwise, if you want your points back, you may want to send a ticket through the game Support or send a PM to Ghost Brotocol:

    It was probably due to the maintenance.

    I have no idea whether they can give back demi-points though, I haven't seen anyone else ask for them back.
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    If you want your demi-points back, just send me your Army Code

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