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    Revamped the guild, working to recruit spys to the team. We are behind the scenes but fight hard.

    Any build will work, though work your best class and get even stronger. LOM draws 2 monsters or a Hard one. We steal lands when available. Since its mainly main and 2 mini's at the moment, I avoid LOM, and it takes cash to take down the monsters. I do snipe gates in LOE though.

    LOM is available for those willing to fight the monsters.

    We are a level 13 guild, though growth will come with more members.

    Current LOM Fenix and Vorak though depending on your level, can draw harder monsters.
    If you're bored with other guilds, or tired of large ones, I would welcome you.
    Bring your sniper rifles, kit, and tools, come have some fun.
    In the link you can check the level and keep of all actives, mine are listed att and def levels.

    Main, to show I have something to work with.

    Level 2756

    Ener 910
    Stam 910
    Att 9900 (+4338)
    Def 8109 (+3263)
    Health 1785 (+528)
    Army +1736
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    Spycatcher name and member names taken from the Matthew Dunn Spycatcher series of books, and using an in game name as such is encouraged but not absolutely necessary. The case of MI6 is one, GUR, SVR, DGSE, CIA etc is possible
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    Bump up.... space available for spies and snipers
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    Never give up, never give in. We battle, we Don't farm, ever...

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