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Thread: Events: does devs. know WHY players play them?

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    Default Events: does devs. know WHY players play them?

    players are given events (well the same 2-3 events over and over and over....etc)
    but does the devs know why players play them? most players join event to improve their toon, to be better in the battles in this game be it: colo/10v/100v/gb.
    does the devs. not see that by not improving battle experience/making new seasons the player base slowly keeps going down and down.
    and sooner or later the player base stop spending on events because why do it? nothing new is happening in the parts of the game were they use the improvement gained in events.
    even the monsterhunters in the game does not get anything new to hit.
    just the same old monster over and over and over....etc
    so those building mh toon does also not have a reason to improve the toon.
    because they have gain the alchemy from the old monster and gained them fast because of events, so more and more mh also hit the "im done" mark.
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    It wasn't that long ago when the devs gave us Colosseum. Other than the poor initial performance, it's fun. Time Keeper is a very nice prize. I don't get to play much during Colosseum hours, but other than timing, I'm enjoying it more than a new 100v100 or 10v10 season, to be honest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hansa View Post
    so those building mh toon does also not have a reason to improve the toon.
    because they have gain the alchemy from the old monster and gained them fast because of events, so more and more mh also hit the "im done" mark.
    Actually, a monster hunter saying I am done is hard because they have campaigns to distract them! Also, If they play rogue, the ouroboro gear will slow them down for at least 500 levels ! In my most humble opinion, for getting sufficient good gems for their legendary items and alchemizing all legendary items, It should take 2500 level at least! That may take a LSI-built players 15 years if he/she doesn’t refill !

    The real meaning of events is to “encourage” players to refill for shiny items or generals! It is big money! A new season of HVH does not generate much. Still, A new season of HvH is great! It helps to build guild solidarity!
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    Speaking from a player perspective I would argue that without new seasons the entire game is more or less pointless. And if that sounds harsh, just think about it.

    It can be argued that the battles are the biggest draw to the game. The need to compete is what motivates people to partake in the other aspects of the game. Monsters need to be defeated to obtain gear to be better in battle, quests need to be completed to farm for skill points that ultimately help you get better in battle either directly or by making it easier to do monsters), campaigns are done to obtain gems that hopefully will make one better in battle, even simple features like the mystical emporium exist to help us improve ourselves for battle.

    However, we currently have had no new seasons for so long that the leaderboards have moved to a point where very little will change in terms of ranking, at least short term. Battles are essentially nothing more than exhibition matches at this point. There are no rewards to gain, there is nothing to prove in terms of leaderboard rankings. Without new seasons there is barely a reason to spend hours on battles or even more hours on trying to improve your character. There is no pressure to be better than the rest.

    Even new features like Colosseum (5v5) are not really inspiring people to be competitive. The idea behind the feature is great, but execution is lacking to the degree where people are motivated to -not play- and -lose- simply to get their rewards. Again not creating a need for people to be better than the rest. Which is sad because the format has a lot of potential.

    So then why do people keep playing? Well, some keep playing because of the interaction with their guild mates. For those people the social aspect is the real reward. Whales keep playing because they compete on a totally different level than the rest of us. Every single percentage gained towards an advantage is one that their opponent doesn't have. Their goal is quite simply to be the best player ever. Others play the events because it is the freshest content that they are likely to get and they can't risk getting caught off guard if Gaea decides to make good on their promise to start new seasons.

    Whether Gaea understands that? Honestly, given how they implemented 5v5 I doubt that Gaea understand as much as a single word of what we tell them even if we were to tell them in Chinese. They are set on their own path and it appears to not be the same one as we are on. The best I can suggest to anyone playing the game is to just have fun and ride the ride until (hopefully a long time from now) Gaea decides to pull the plug on it.
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