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    I'm a lvl 1170+ Monster Hunter looking for a new Guild
    Playing daily.
    I was Hybrid but now only adding to LSI.
    I'm a none-spender. I can send stats / keep link through PM (though you can find them in various posts on these forums).

    I participate a lot in LoM monsters since I need a lot of Hunter Path points.

    I'm not taking part in Guild Battles (sometimes I do, especially in 10v, but that really shouldn't be the reason why you accept me because I'm currently bad at it and really not reliable, and I don't want to have obligations regarding battles).

    I'm looking for a lvl 22+ Guild which:
    - explores at least 3 lands each week (Easy & Hard)
    - can at least keep one or 2 LoM lands going at all times so I can get Guardian points on a rather regular basis
    - has at least the Cohort rank in Arena (rank 4).

    If anyone is interested feel free to answer / PM me
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    Good luck, gogoo!
    I'm thinking of advertising as well.
    I'm basically just a hunter these days. Though I do battle occasionally to get them GC's.
    I need to find a guild active in LoM monsters (preferably in the L500-599 or L600-699 tiers) so that I can work on creating IA while also getting Hunter Path points.
    If you find something good then let me know.

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