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Thread: Adding Barney & Jack to CA battle Lexicon

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    Default Adding Barney & Jack to CA battle Lexicon

    A “Barney” is fount of battle mental retardation in action, e.g. someone who is already stunned but diliberately bounces against enemy Mage to help wipe out own teammates limited remaining health via Mage splash. The punchline is Barney’s team was the heavy favorite to win the battle, but not anymore.

    A “Jack” is some low level player (say lvl 877) who bounce against much higher level inactive Cleric (say lvl 3K) thus healing all stunned but active Clerics via Cleric splash. The opposing team has 5 Clerics, of which 4 are stunned. Once the enemy’s health recovers to over 200 from the Cleric splash, one enemy Cleric starts the dropping mass heals and then you see remaining enemy Clerics rez’ing their gate (thanks a lot Jack!).

    Colo brings out the worst battlers in CA. Don’t be a Barney or a Jack.

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    A “hansa” is a battler who pushes the button in Colo but doesn’t partake. “hansa” is someone who gets full benefits in Colo with the least effort.

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    A “graeme” is a battler who actually pushes buttons during battle in Colo but doesn’t care about strategy. A “graeme” is less efficient than a “hansa” when getting rewards in Colo.

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    A “batw” is someone who writes wall of text about his experience in Colo.

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    A “Nate” is a battler who is full of wisdom, but we already knew that.

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    A “Murs” is a battler who hits from a defensive loadout.

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    atleast i am always doing my "no action,max gain" with my top defence up ;-)

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    A "Shadow Reaper" is someone who closes threads that were clearly started to insult people and which were later expanded on to try and make it seem like this was not the case.

    Please do not create a need for a "Shadow Reaper" to step in.
    "Build a man a fire, keep him warm for a night. Set a man on fire, keep him warm for the rest of his life!" - Rev Sim

    "Gratuitous acts of senseless violence are -my- forte!" - Max

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