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Thread: Cheapest GB class?

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    i acturally frustrating to been on a team with a rogue who chose to NOT use intimidate :-)

    Yes, it is.
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    [QUOTE=gogoo;3032325]Thanks for your answers again.

    That's a good point!

    Yes but the defensive/passive alliance could be the same for all classes I guess?

    not for warriors, for warrior you always need meehak in the load-out to not lose the bonus from the general

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    I'm going to go ahead and say that your stats don't look to ever make you much of a contribution in offense or defense in a significant way. Maybe my elitism is showing again.

    As a cleric you could potentially make a huge impact by cleansing your team when they are fused and by casting revive or bring the dead back to life with mass heal.

    If you do have a target you can win against 400% divine favor might actually bounce some opponents...

    As a rogue intimidate will steal toys and you don't have to win.

    I would recommend against Mage entirely, your fuse % wouldn't actually add much and as a warrior you wouldn't have much guard.

    Context is important.

    In GB you might be able to contribute significantly from the wall where you could potentially beef yourself up significantly before opponent got there, but I'd still say cleanse and intimidate are the two fastest ways to make an impact when you cannot offer much otherwise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Wimsta View Post
    I'm going to go ahead and say that your stats don't look to ever make you much of a contribution in offense or defense in a significant way. Maybe my elitism is showing again.
    Yep that's your elitism showing :P
    Strength in this game is very relative. In the sense that, ofc, I'm never going to be relevant against players in the top guilds. I'll always be very (extremely) weak compared to them.
    But you're comparing me mostly to spenders. Because even if you're going for a very high BSI, if you don't pay you're never going to be relevant against spenders, because you'll remain "low level" forever (compared to spenders).
    But these players (spenders) are a small percentage of the player base. Ofc you're going to see them more on forums or in Discord, or for you probably in game as well because I assume you're part of a strong guild. So the players you see, you talk to, etc. are probably all much stronger than I am. But that doesn't mean I'm weak compared to everyone. I can assure you, according to your definition of relevance in this game, I'd guess at the very least 90% of the players are not relevant. Probably a lot more.

    So that means I can still be relevant against many players :P

    Well, I have room for a lot of improvement.
    I just started forging a few gems on my equips and getting slightly better gear and I can already feel a difference. I know I can beat opponents I couldn't beat before.
    I don't even have a guild-related or even PvP-related alliance for now (just a Monster Hunter alliance as I think that's what's needed first to get better gear), and still I was able to reach Plat in Colosseum and for many of my matches in high Gold, if I hadn't been active, we would have lost the battle.
    I know it's not much. But I was relevant at my own level, which is growing :P

    And btw you guys were right Intimidate is quite nice to have

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