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Thread: Blue Hero Crystal drops in LoE

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    Default Blue Hero Crystal drops in LoE

    My IOS character I play on Web3 seems to never receive drops of blue hero crystals in Land Of Earth.

    It's a character built after the lands went to "territories".

    I'm over level 600 now, and at this pace in prior characters, I would have received over 200 blue hero crystals playing there. I haven't received one that way now in months, if ever.

    Is this working as intended, different from the old way, or is something not working right?

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    I know I've received Blue Crystals while having territories.

    You're saying "seems to never receive drops". Do you have 0 blue crystals? If not, you're getting them somewhere. Might be from events though, idk.

    But it may be that with this iOS character you're in a lower level guild? The drop rate increases a lot with the guild level, as you can see here:

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    1. You have to be in a guild and that guild must be lvl 5 or higher.

    2. It only drops Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

    3. If you are a defender in LoE, only certain actions (guardian, heal, etc) will trigger a chance at a blue crystal.

    4. Getting blue crystals has nothing to do with your level or whether you have terrorities.

    I am an iOS player and get blue crystals regularly in LoE.

    Worse come to worse, you can get blue crystals for Billions of Gold from Mystic Emporium when they show up for sale.

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