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Thread: My goal in Colosseum is to be the last man standing for my team

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    Default My goal in Colosseum is to be the last man standing for my team

    Once I got ranked in Platinum, I quickly realize that I will not survive as a warrior (my traditional class). Rogue is out to as I never developed any good Rogue generals. Cleric is out due to bounce hit & WW splash. The remaining choice is to play Mage and rely on Enrage. Btw, I am a squishy build and have not made a legendary chaos gem, which puts me at a disadvantage in this ranking.

    I donít have a chance to win: if I canít drop my tokens, the other team has an active Rogue, or itís just a mismatch with a lvl 6K doing 3K dmg per hit. If itís a good match and there is no Rogue in the other team, then itís kill Clerics and then kill Mages and then finally kill the Warriors. Obviously position is everything as being first or last in the tower means less WW splash.

    If I can get to the end game with me being the remaining healthy member in my team, then thereís a great chance our team will win. The main reason why our team wins despite the other team having more healthy battlers is due to the other team suiciding against me with my Enrage buff up to 1000%. They are just bouncing ó many do no damages since I am now using Daphne in my alliance ó and I Mage splash for 60 dmg per hit. Some warriors end up getting me to lose 40 health per hit but still cause their healthy teammates 60 dmg from my Mage splash. I had one guy from the Eagles who was a warrior dropping tokens relentlessly against me without realizing how badly my Mage splashes were hurting his last healthy battler.

    So I use four (4) different loadouts throughout the battle with a simple goal: Get my Enrage buff as high as possible. For me, doing well in Colosseum is all about two things: (a) getting a bigger dmg rune and (b) getting more health / bigger health fund. Bigger dmg rune is to kill people faster. More health is to withstand the initial barrage of hits, WW splashes and lastly the endingless suicide hits.

    The last battle tonight was my best battle ... one guy from Redemption (on the other team) is casting confuse so I ended waste tokens and tokens by banging my head (each confuse only cost me 60 health at most) but I still manage to increase my Enrage buff albeit at a slow rate. For some reason the other team ignores me throughout the battle. We get to my favorite position ... I am the last guy standing, my Enrage buff is only in the 300% range, which is much less than 600% that I prefer, and the other team has one healthy battler left. My job is simple: withstand the barrage of suicide hits and keep dropping polyís on the last healthy enemy. And then let the Mage splash do its work.

    The only downside is the battle takes a long time, almost the entire 20 minutes. One last, the roll-backs arenít happening like prior weeks so my Enrage buff stays pretty high.

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    I do not think this is the traditional way of how to use Mage class in battle, but I am not much of a traditional tactician anyway. Your winning "strategy" works b/c you were likely match up to either: a) less active squad; or b) relatively weaker opponents. Though, if you are able to make your strategy works for you and have fun at it, then more power to you.

    If you decide to continue with the strategy above, may I remind you of a mage spell that would be of useful to you (you might already know it), Magic Barrier/Mana Shield. The skill I mention can be combine with Luno general to boost that skill. It should give you additional protection on top of your Daphne alliance, etc. It costs 1 token, but should give you protection for at least 3 to-5, or more rounds, depending how hard your opponents are bashing at you.
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    And there goes 20 minutes, which in the case of how Colosseum is built and works, is bad (unfortunately), maximum points in less time possible = more stuff from shop.
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    I survive really long being a rogue in colosseum

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    This is the most hilarious thread I've seen in years. It is the TLDR version of my goal is to win.

    This CA version of "the team that scores the most points will win" actually features the funniest strategy I've ever seen. My favorite highlight is the choice of class for most pointless/worthless reason.
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