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Thread: How to find everything you spent on the game via Facebook Payments

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    Default How to find everything you spent on the game via Facebook Payments

    How much have you spent on the game?

    This link shows your payment history using Facebook. Copy/Paste in Excel and get the sum.

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    let me say it like this: CA is the only thing i use money on, on FB and i have 952 payments over the years on FB most are 20-45$ i have also been buying over web3 sometimes.
    but i am sure i do not really whant the number in
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    Quote Originally Posted by hansa View Post
    but i am sure i do not really want the number in
    Ha ha! Seeing that would be a major shock.

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    well that is "just" the $ spend.(i do see it like any other form of spending: going to the movies/go drinking etc..)
    but man all the time over the years wow

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    If you buy FPs or promo via Web3/4 or iOS account, it would not show up on FB. Therefore using FB as a guide for your payment history would be an incomplete picture.

    On a different subject

    (For mods, not sure if the above question is worthy enough to make a separate thread to ask in GD section. That was why I did not create a separate thread.)

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    Anyone have any idea how to input this in Open Office? OO has a calculator program like Excel but i cant figure out how to input the link.
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