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Thread: If you like Fantasy / RP genre & “Manga”

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    Default If you like Fantasy / RP genre & “Manga”

    I’ve been reading “graphic novels” for a long time and also read Japanese Manga (Korean is Manhua).

    I came across this series that might interest those that play CA.

    The title is “Solo Leveling” (which is in Korean) and a scanlation group called Meraki Scans translates the raws into English. The series is being released weekly and it’s on the 51st chapter. The main character “MC” is some weakling that becomes stronger over time by leveling up.

    Here is the prologue if anyone is interested: (just follow the link at bottom for next chapter).

    Btw, this is adult content and not suitable for young children.

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    Wait a sec. Manga might not be suitable for young children? Um. Excuse me. I need to drive back over to the daycare just in case, just to check on something. Er, I think I might have left my car keys back there.
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    Chapter 52 got released and there was a decapitation scene at the end so the story is not safe for little ones.

    One good thing about this story is the arcs so far have been short; I read Prison School and those (story) arcs take over 40 chapters to finish.

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    You guys should read Akame ga Kill and Goblin Slayer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revolver Blast View Post
    You guys should read Akame ga Kill and Goblin Slayer.
    I dropped Goblin Slayer ... story lost steam in the late Chapter 20’s; the Year One & Side Story ruined even more. Btw, Chapter 1 in Goblin Slayer has Inter-species r a p e scenes so it’s not for everyone.

    Akame ga Kill has a lot of gore and torture in the beginning arc.

    I like good art; a storyline that grasp me or hooks me, the pace of the chapters, etc. At least Solo Leveling is in color.
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    I checked out Solo Leveling and it is good, however the korean way of making those long pages it is a bit of a turn off for me.

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