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Thread: Ongoing Issue With Broken Chaos Gems

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    Default Ongoing Issue With Broken Chaos Gems

    Anyone from discord has heard me complain over the last year or so about the 2 chaos gems I have that are broken. They only refine base attack in whole numbers, and when I reported it, the devs claimed 2 things. ONE, that all results are random (they didn't understand what I was reporting so they thought I was just complaining in general) and TWO, that they could not replicate the issue, pretty much saying I was lying and they would not try to help or understand. Even Ghost was unable to get them to understand what the issue actually is. Since then, I have seen several other players have the exact same issue with their gems, and this thread is for people to post on if they do. Yes I know this doesn't affect everyone, but it DOES not just affect me, and maybe if enough people add their situation to this something might finally get done.

    TL;DR some gems are broken and if you have one post it here.

    I'll start with my 2 gems. Both are earth piercing gems that have base attack, and both always stop on whole numbers.
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    Yes, I don't understand what the issue is either.
    Do you expect the values to have something after the comma? Like 8.5%, 7.362%?
    What if it is working as intended?
    There are actually reports on wikia of gems with decimal numbers for base attack or defense, so again, which is the issue exactly?
    That it doesn't happen to you? That it doesn't happen to those specific gems "ever" but it still does happen to you on other gems, so "those 2 gems must be broken"? (The more I read your post, the more I believe it's this one)
    Are we talking also of some refine attempts, dozens of attempts, or hundreds of attempts?

    Sorry if I sound dumb, but I didn't read an year of Discord conversations about it so I don't know the full details of your reporting.
    You may be right on the whole topic, but since it's so particular, every detail matters for comprehension.
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    In some gems, general boost is always with two decimals. In some others, three decimals. Small enough difference that it doesn't matter. But clearly means there are different kinds of gems that have abilities generated with different functions. Which I presume shouldn't happen, as it makes no sense at all.

    Base Attack/Defense though are always integers in my gems. Haven't seen any gem with base attack/defense bonus that had decimals.

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    Not that it matters much but a glitch like this about epic gems that are better than any of the legendary gems I've had says a lot your experiences as suppose to mine. Also I saw you in colosseum saw being the point I couldn't actually drop tokens. I would say yes your solid percent is weird I had a small gem do that with the base att % as well but my experience on legendary gems out of the twelve I've made exactly none of them are better than your 2 epic gems that are in question. Now, because I've had specific gems do this but not all I thought their lies the possibility certain gems have certain abilities and this just happens to be a kind of gem where the base only moved in integers. Well, that's a possibility but I'd never know because they don't ever exactly explain things we just make guesses. As I mentioned all my legendary gems are and were worse because I've never had one with resistance/pierce or % att/base ability on them. We don't know what legendary gems actually exist, how many good how many bad, why clerics get warrior abilities and warriors get cleric gems. I feel like the Mr. Onedownerguy i.e. you get poked in the eye I get poked in both eyes. Dog bites you on the hand and the dog tore my whole dam arm off. The doctor turns both of us away explaining there is no problem here like some kind of fricken jedi. I die a agonizing death and you'd more than likely survive. Sorry to drone on I just thought some gems did this, I could be wrong.
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