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Thread: Wish List 2019

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    "The Festival Battle has ended. Please keep an eye out for the next season. Thank you!"

    "Blood lust is disabled temporarily."

    "Coming Soon" (Atlantis IV)

    "Coming Soon" "Coming Soon" (The Mug & Hammer)

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    Remove Wraith King from the Legendary General Chest.
    If you don't want to get rid of him completely (which would be understandable), put him in the limited Nightmare Chest (Epic or Rare tier - you could put Eternal Alystra, Odin, Elin or Persephone down a tier).

    The existence of this hero in the Legendary Chest creates a lot of frustration, and it's not good for anyone.
    Gambling when you roll for a Treasure Chest, I understand. It would be silly to have only great stuff in Treasure Chests.
    But the Legendary Chest, you gotta work (a lot, for most players) to get one.
    Even if you'd want to get some heroes inside more than others, you shouldn't be afraid to get complete crap for something you've worked (and maybe paid) a lot to get.
    I find it crazy and unhealthy to have a completely worthless hero in a Legendary Chest. Because that's what this hero is: worthless. Because I don't think anyone is ever going to use him in any alliance. There are tons of Favor Generals who are so much better than him, and so much easier to obtain.

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    Thank you all for the suggestions! I'll certainly be passing them along

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    Add succubus to legendary chest please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revolver Blast View Post
    Add succubus to legendary chest please.
    Will pass it along!

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    Please raise Nax's 30% cap. But only for rogues, as other classes already have powerful Enrage, Divine Favor, or damage bonuses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revolver Blast View Post
    Add succubus to legendary chest please.
    - Stop making stupid suggestion and screw whatever left of the players base!!! I will be so pissed at you, as well as many other players, if CA devs decide to take your dumba$$ suggestion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost Brotocol View Post
    Will pass it along!
    No no no no no NOOOOOOOO!!! Please NO!!!!

    Legendary chest already diluted with Wraith King and Thane which no one want. Succubus is another stupid general that most people do NOT use nor want. You can get Succubus when CA have that 1 week limited chest roll for legendary general.
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