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Thread: Wish List 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revolver Blast View Post
    More slots for class abilities
    New quest land with a new monster
    New seasons of 10v10 and 100v100
    Seconded. Seconded. Seconded.

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    Android Castle Age App???

    ill.. ill just let my hopes die

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    More loadout slots. From 20 to 30 would allow me to play more than just cleric. 40 would be very nice

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    Thank you all for the suggestions will definitely be passing them along!

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    All I want is new seasons with new rewards, the IA switch would be nice too I hate having to time my boost. Usually line it up with demi prayers but when you do the Saturday Stam prayer Sunday and Monday can throw the timing off then there's it switching off in the middle of a battle.

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    How about something to do with boots? I'm sure people have tons of boots, and keep getting more, that aren't used for anything. They don't even register in invades. There must be something to do with them: trade them in, combine them for something, burn them up at Kobo's, something.

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    Tristram and Isolde 120 FP Promo Pack.
    for the meantime add me 5E51FD and this
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    Why do you want a Tristram and Isolde promo? (Just out of curiousity.)

    1. I like the idea of Pray/Archive every day instead of 24hrs.
    2. I would be okay with a new Season of 100v100/10v10.
    3. I heard that a while back there was a Cromus event, that was bountiful on rewards like SP and archieve bonus. I think it would be nice for newer players to have a chance to participate. You could lock it down for older members or even let people continue with where they left off... IDK anything about the event, but I would like to!

    I think you guys are making strides towards the betterment of the game, just takes time and trial/error to polish this ol' gal up.

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    Tristram and Isolde promo would be nice, couple of mediocre generals but something for people who still want to get up to the 101 max for invasions and they're a matched set so the combined bonus would be there too.

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    Less memes and useless junk on the Facebook page and more activity in the forum where it counts. No more blue balls... Maybe update that 10 year old server...
    Old events to come back like the succubus and cronos.
    5 to 8-star starting generals
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