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Thread: Colosseum Problem

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    You DO get points just fine, just by entering and without actually fighting.
    First week i've reached my weekly cap WITHOUT fighting.
    Previous weeks, i tried fighting whenever i could, but couldnt reach same cap.
    I also experienced me raising at ranks, without fighting.

    In my case, apart from horrible un-gameplay, during first Colosseum timezone i'm at work and at the second, i'm sleeping.
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    luck? i got the time keeper,in 3 weeks doing this :-) and like everbody else i tryed playing this feature the first week it was out. i gave up on it after that. now i just log in at let god sort it out ;-) and get my points that way(win/lose does not matter,but i am not an complet aashat,so i leave up good def.loadout),no fuzz /no button spamming/no reset,just pure point gain.
    game must even work better for the other 9 players in the battle,as i am never spamming the action button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by c.lee.r View Post
    i think i found out that to collect the points you have to be able to press the back button. i do not think there is an auto collect anymore. but lets hope i am wrong
    The back button does not always exist after battle completed, it just send me back to the page to choice 'single' or 'team'.
    I really like to review the battle logs after battle completed, but I couldn't.
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    Bronze maxes out at 3100 points a week, platinum maxed at 7200, this seems to be a permanent feature,. I am using the extra points I collect by maintaining platinum to buy enhance crystals, I like to think that long term this will have a positive effect on my build relative to the General player base.

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    The spinning blue orbs of disappointment have finished my desire to play colosseum. Nothing like spending five minutes trying to hit, just to realize you have already been stunned.

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    I spent maybe an hour and a half today on it. get a back button and it counts, get a dark screen and the battle did not count. now I have time to kill on it, retired, but it gets frustrating - no idea how to make sure you get a back button, tried switching from enemy team to mine at the end, dark screen. hitting, dark screen, back button will not just appear when it is over

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