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Thread: Arena XII is unplayable on iOS App

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    Default Arena XII is unplayable on iOS App

    1. Connection issues: constant time outs

    2. Lag... really slow into anything, e.g. change loadout, get into Arena, etc

    This is so bad that I am averaging one token per 30 seconds. This is ridiculous.

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    Lag + 1 , it make some player frustrated and left game

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    No more money coming from this pocket for sure.

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    Same here, app removed and reinstalled multiple times, it is unplayable for 10v, 100v, Arena and Coliseum due the constant crashing.

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    Unplayable due to timeout errors. spend 15 stamina in battles and timed out 12 times.

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    it's obvious the owners of this game dont care about the users, this is falling on deaf ears guys, I think they 110% KILLED THE GAME THIS TIME. RIP!
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