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Thread: Game unplayable

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    I do not understand why no other on-line game I play has this problem. None of the rants about blue orb/game lag have really changed since 2010.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BostonRocks! View Post
    I do not understand why no other on-line game I play has this problem. None of the rants about blue orb/game lag have really changed since 2010.
    perhaps they are still using the same 2010 hardware

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    Agree. Game unplayable. Each Christmas for years we have loaded up our ELEVEN toons with FP. Not happpening this year. I won't pay to play a broken game.

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    This is ridiculous. Trip, trip, trip , time out, time out, trip, trip, time out, get in dead. No message from devs in chat, no apology, no little bone like free spin like the last owners. Quite done.

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    Tried to opt in to GB, stam gone. Seem to remember this happening many years ago.
    Dragons, they can't introduce Dragons, I only have 12 stam.

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    this is going to deaf ears, it's obvious the people running this game just dont care about the users, they are not listening . THE END of castle age!! it used to be a good game before the past 2 companies took over, but this one takes the cake for not caring about THE USERS.
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    It's because the code sucks. They must have programmed in a language from the 80s. Even games in the 80s never had such problems as this. Also compounding the factor, they never do anything about the scripting in the game. This encourages more and more scripting. As i've said, if they eliminated scripting by removing defensive points from arena, the game would be at least playable, even though it still took about 6-8 seconds for every click to go through. What website or game takes 6-8 seconds for a click to register other than Castle Age? It took me an hour to get 50 clicks through in arena. This is from at best 16,000 users and if you take away the minis, probably about 3000 players. Amazon handles millions of users and they know that proper programming is needed to service their customers as their studies showed that for every 1 second delay costs them 10% of revenue. This game used to have over 20 million users, but the developers never fixing the spinning blue ball, never addressing the cheating, never stopping the scripting, and always listening to these scripters who keep asking for more battles because they aren't spending hours a day battling and struggling as their bots do all the work for them. People play games for entertainment. It shouldn't feel like a second job. It's also ridiculous how the page keeps jumping around for every click. I think I'll spend my money elsewhere. There are millions of other games and no game plays as bad as Castle Age.
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    what the ? Opted in, started a team battle, and getting "Your team is currently not taking part in a battle!"
    Yes , this is buggy program and with arena also, making game playing unpleasant.

    Other team stunned me, but I am still getting same message.
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    It took me almost four minutes to spend 10 tokens in my squad battle today. At one point I sundered a guy, saw the sunder on my screen, and hit someone else, and when I hit the second person, the guy I had sundered was still up and the sunder hadn't happened. This is the the worst I've seen it in many years. In 100v100 yesterday I had a situation where I spent all my tokens and clicked around to check the health of my own tower and noticed I only had 1400 battle points when I saw myself, looked up and I had 3 tokens somehow. It's really nuts.

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    I couldn't agree more!!! I use to buy the promo's to but not anymore! I can piss my money away on less frustrating things!

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