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Thread: Game unplayable

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    Maybe triple-coin classics plus 100v100 plus Colosseum plus Arena is a bit too much for the servers to handle.

    Maybe Arena should be made to end Monday instead of Thursday so we don't have to go through this again.

    Maybe everybody else can go out for Christmas next Tuesday...?
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    two word , very lag

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    i have been saying this for weeks... game is even worse now. cant even battle anymore.
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    Arena and Colosseum at the same time was the worst idea ever. Both of them cause quite a lot of load due to many reasons, so together they make servers melt. Rest of the game suffers too.

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    Thanks for all the new content CA, sorry it sparked up so many issues.

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    15 min to use first 10 tokens in 100v100.... ios and facebook is slower than snails having sex. good job on breaking the game DEVS. IF you can stand even to sit that long watching the blue balls or getting multiple time out on ios. so frustrated at this game, this is insane , fix the GD game!!!
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    If they did something about the scripts, it should improve the game much more. For example, remove points for defensive wins in arena. That will get rid of a lot of scripts, but not all. I see so many players who have said they will never spend a dime on this game at AV rank or higher which makes it obviously they are scripting for defensive wins. Ten you have those players with a wall build and they always have Katherine up and never attack. They are also obviously scripting for defensive wins. Also, in colleseum, it's so obvious which accounts are scripts as they use can use all their tokens within a couple of minutes as opposed to the human player which can probably get off 2 to 5 tokens in 2 minutes because of all the tripping due to the scripts. Also, it's obvious that 90% of mages in colleseum are scripts.
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    There are nothing but rollbacks in 10v10, 100v100 and Colosseum. As for Arena, when I try to hit on EV, I consistently get error codes, it's a total joke.

    If you're not getting rollbacks, I would be amazed, as well as curious, why you don't experience the same game play as the majority seem to receive and regularly bring up here on the forums.

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    100v Tonight Trying to use my last token..after about a dozen clicks it went through but bumped me back 5 hits and I ended match with 5 tokens and less coins lol
    Arena loot seems close to worthless so just helping maintain guild rank..beads +20PP vs old Amulet with slot +12EP..
    Good to see then do coliseum that does not cost anything except patience with good rewards..even if very glitchy
    100V and 10V very frustrating but should dissipate after arena

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    So much lag, rollbacks, and spinning blue balls in the past day in just regular game play such as monsters and quests. Haven't even bothered with colosseum and battles as they are very bad as well.

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