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Thread: Arena XII is live!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mursilis View Post
    Also note it doesn't matter if your guildmate has zero health, they can use their tokens just fine in Arena.
    I would say that being at zero life is even better because you can't be attacked and that seems to lessen blue orbs while you try to attack others.

    Quote Originally Posted by dani2000 View Post
    is this gb? or just someone using his name?
    Ⴚんσֆt ɮℜotσƈσʆ ...
    he's lvl 5k so pretty sure someone in here knows him.
    I saw him too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barathor View Post
    I think being at 0 life is more common than having any life left. That said, it could be sripting, but it could also be he is known as "defeatable" and people goes on and on over him. I used to have a list of people I could beat on each of the top guilds and carefully tracked name changes; now I don't care that much and I happen to lose several times against the same target, as I said somewhere else.
    Tell your friend to improve (if possible) his/her defensive loadout, or at least make it seem stronger (you know, a Kath first discourages attacks more than a Barbarus does, even if the latest is way more leveled and/or starred)
    Yeah, I suppose 4100 attack and 3500 defense is kind of weak for a level 1003, especially when visible to levels 1000-5000 and up :P

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    less than an hour left...

    you guys better get yo ass here!

    anyway, hope everyone gets to the rank they'd aimed and worked for.
    for the meantime add me 5E51FD and this
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    Quote Originally Posted by gogoo View Post

    Are you sure it's better than Cronus Blade? Without even counting the atk/def stats, Cronus Blade has +120 PP.
    This Stick has +50 PP. Even with an electrum ingot, that's +105 PP. 15 less than Cronus Blade.
    I meant the 1st tier of the blade, Hydrablade, which only have 1 socket.

    Quote Originally Posted by gogoo View Post
    Doesn't Samael's Shield kinda suck? With -15 ER that's basically a total of +5 Pierce (phys + elem).
    Or don't pierce and resistance work this way?
    From what I read, Physical Piercing and Resistance are basically the same as Elemental Pierce and Resistance.
    Sam shield doesn't necessary "suck", for a bare bones offhand, it offers +20 flat res with +10 wind res. Yes the -25 earth res is not good, but having flat res is better over elemental resistance.
    Someone who is new or low level, will find usage from Samuel offhand.

    Now for some feedback on the items from the point of view of the high end players, the vast majority of players, will not find the items useful at all. They have PVE gear that is much better, for the most part.
    For these players, who also I feel contribute to the most $$$, the arena items should be scale a little more stronger. Maybe have arena items be "consider" legendary for gem usage on them as it's one a kind/unique items, could elevate their value.
    The amulet having a socket is a great novelty. It what makes the item actually appealing to everyone, high end and low end players. With an Epic gem in the amulet, it brings the amulet up in power comparable to the high PVE resist amulets.

    For the average or low end players, the items are good. Welcome by all the low level players to mid tier, who don't PVE for res/pierce items.


    Edit* Amulet can not be socketed with resist gems!!! Well the only item, I thought it be really good, is not, hah.
    Figured the amulet would be either pierce or resist, much like the OFF-hand works with gems. Alas, only pierce gems.

    lol I guess I can socket it with an EPIC pierce gem and use it that way. Innate resist stats with a pierce gem. Sigh

    I mean, you might as well make a socket magic item with 0/0 stats but 1 socket makes it usable.
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    now for the payouts....guess we won't get them until nightmare chest has timed out.....hmmmm

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    I guess the "participation trophies" get doled out last. I haven't seen the free chest roll yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandigerbolls View Post
    I guess the "participation trophies" get doled out last. I haven't seen the free chest roll yet.
    No, I know people who just opted in and didn't use tokens in Arena. They got their Free Roll, crystals, and shards, a little more than an hour before the quoted message was posted.

    You have to go to the Arena page for the reward to show up. After that, you have to go to your Keep to open the reward and get the chest roll.
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