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Thread: how do we get generals to 6 or 7 stars

  1. Default how do we get generals to 6 or 7 stars

    I've heard a number of rumors about raising our gens to six stars >
    1) we can only take them up if we have them at 5 stars AND buy the promo when it available
    2) we can collect duplicates and use them only from the mystic emporium but not thru the oracle
    3) we can buy and use duplicates of any gen from mystic OR oracle once that one's been opened in a promo
    4) no need to wait for the promo, we can buy and use them anytime
    Can someone who really knows tell me what's right? ... before i spend my hard earned FP

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    1) It was true before Mystic Emporium was introduced.
    The reason is that if you own 12 or more copies of a general, you can't buy any more using the regular way (Oracle shop).

    4) You don't need to wait for a promo to buy them from the Mystic Emporium.
    However it will cost a lot less money or time to buy the promo than to look for many copies in the Emporium.

    You'll find more detailed info on the wiki:

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