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Thread: Info/Help Wanted: Corvintheus (Hero)

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    Default Info/Help Wanted: Corvintheus (Hero)

    I lucked out and got a Corvintheus.

    I understand that I get 1 Defence for every 3 Health. I have a combo of Oberon, Zoltar (will replace with Katherine when her stats are higher), and Corvintheus.

    I have 600 health normally, and 746 with any Oberon alliance.

    Does the 1D per 3H include heath runes, Oberon health, and any other health bonuses, or just the basic health number?

    Sorry for the noobish questions.
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    Just tested Corvintheus. The bonus applies at what your current health is at that is shown on top of your character page (the first number by the green heart. ) Anything that pushes that current number up will increase your bonus which health runes do not.

    Note that it uses your current health not your base health, so if you are getting chained and your health goes down so does your bonus. Of course its easy enough to spend the gold to bring it back to maximum.

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    be warned: he takes an insane amount of portions to level up and the bonus does not get higher with level. only with promotion and alliance with epic general arrelius

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    Warning, the devs hate defenz.
    He does not have the same impact as Malekus... just walk away.
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