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Thread: scripts booting teams

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    I am just spamming my attacks until my finger cramps. My biggest issue is after I join the fight the join battle feature is popping up the whole time moving my targets I am spamming on and ending up doing a regular attack on the top or bottom of the intended target.

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    If this is only happening in Colosseum as the creator of the thread stated, then this thread is looking in the wrong direction. It is a known issue from first second, there is even a sticky about it, and it is in "beta" status.

    Colosseum has been buggy, even buggier since the first moment that was released, first moment, and lately is behaving better as devs are "trying" to improve it. This is contradictory to someone programming a script which would require some preparation and would take some time to kick in. Colosseum performance also shows a pattern during the week (when points are reset more people join and it is worse), and late in the week performance is better. It is a known issue among many other buggy things involved with it: blue balls, constant join pop up, ranking system, labelling mistakes in the rank in platinum.

    Is not the only thing in the game that does not work as intended. My guess, somehow colosseum uses a dedicated part of the server, because is only colosseum working slow, and the rest of the game has no major degradation on performance on colosseum hours, and somehow those dedicated resources are not enough for the big ammount of clicks in a short period of time. I am not sure if I am the only one, but I click like hell in colosseum .

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    I had the toon CAHelper Tester in my colosseum battle just now, so hopefully that means they're doing field testing with it now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirquince View Post
    I had the toon CAHelper Tester in my colosseum battle just now, so hopefully that means they're doing field testing with it now.
    CAHelper Tester is not associated with Gaea.

    That said, Gaea has been working on the feature since it was released, trying to optimize the performance and making changes that are/were needed.
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    they should do that BEFORE releasing it to the that's a thought

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fadasmax View Post
    I would be surprised if there isnt!
    I would also be surprised if there arent ppl out there having hundreds/thousands of minis/alts armies, controlling them exclusively with scripts, even as we speak.
    Heck, even when we dont speak. Running 24/7 - non-stop. Affecting the game in every aspect.
    Here is what we faced today; they all attacked with under 4 minutes remaining in the 10x10. what do you think?

    1. Sapphire Stone- Level: 826, Health 11979/11979 Battle Points: 1350
    2. Red- Level: 832 Health 10467/12281 Battle Points: 1480
    3. Carl Jr. -Level: 817 Health 7765/11517 Battle Points: 1350
    4. Harry- Level: 847 Health 11164/11939 Battle Points: 1920
    5. Jack- Level: 826 health 12200/12200 Battle Points: 1350
    6. Cyndi- Level: 813 Health 11597/11597 Battle Points: 1350
    7. John- Level: 826 Health 11731/11939 Battle Points: 1760
    8. Jade- Level: 835 Health 11769/11818 Battle Points: 2240
    9. Sharky- Level: 813 Health 11859/11859 Battle Points: 1350
    10. Sabrina- Level: 831 Health 11995/12039 Battle Points: 2400

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    Now lets see...
    Similar levels, similar health, common 'human' names, became active at same time...
    Yep, fits the pattern of scripting bots.
    No one who calls himself a respectable scripter will miss 3x coin day for his bots.
    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

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    Currently battling a team called Squeeze me. 3 out of the 5 opponents are level 2 with the same name and Dexter as their general. On my team 2/5 are the exact same...

    Seems fishy. None are active

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    Yanks even script EVMs, and spent huge amounts for what exactly? As long as you can have some fun in mid range areas let them fly their skites.
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    Fix the game or pull it, please.

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