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Thread: Colosseum optimization

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    Quote Originally Posted by VersionsOfViolence View Post
    I play Warrior and rarely trip. Mages and Clerics have splash abilities though, so your logic is flawed.
    I never said the tripping was caused by splash abilities.

    I just noticed a very strong correlation in my matches between Whirlwind and tripping. Whenever there was a Warrior using whirlwind, I was tripping, and a lot. Whether that's the splash part of Whirlwind that causes a pb, I have no idea. And whether there's actual causality between Whirlwind and tripping probably can't be proved by players, it would be nice if the devs looked into it. It would probably help them to know what exactly causes the tripping.
    Ofc if I'm the only one who noticed this then I most likely "dreamt it".

    Also, it might only be when it's someone on the opposite team who is using his ability. I'm not sure I was tripping when an ally was using Whirlwind. So using it yourself might not make you trip but might make your opponents trip?
    I'm really not sure about this one though.

    I never noticed a correlation between mages attacks and tripping, and I've never had an issue using Mass Heal. But who knows, maybe when I was using it that was making opponents (and maybe allies?) trip.

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    I would suggest to make the win/loss reward further apart to help stop people from joining and walking away. I don't remember what it actually is but say: 400 to win and 25 - 50 on lose? Ty

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    Quote Originally Posted by VersionsOfViolence View Post
    I play Warrior and rarely trip. Mages and Clerics have splash abilities though, so your logic is flawed.
    Interesting... did you get Gaea to give your preferential token processing or something? :P

    I play Warrior and I trip on -every single token- under the conditions that 1. Either of my targets (side or main) are active as I play my tokens. OR 2. Either of my targets (side or main) are being hit by someone else on my team as I play my tokens. OR 3. I am being "hit" by attacks/buffs from opponent/team members as I play my tokens. At the higher ranks you are pretty much hitting either of those conditions 90+% of the time. Generally I can get away with spamming a few of my tokens if I get in the battle quickly enough but once anyone else gets active... forget about it.

    From what I see posted it would seem that everyone's experiences differ with this though. Some experience it worse than others but this may just be related to the ranks they are in or the ranks they get matched up with.

    That said, I most certainly won't go as far as to say that WW is the sole cause of tripping but realistically speaking any ability that hits multiple targets at once will contribute to the problem. Especially in a format with small teams WW will sooner be an issue than in the other formats given that the chances of hitting the same targets are much higher. What also doesn't help is the higher number of tokens available as it allows us to keep spending tokens faster than the servers can process them. While the fast pace is great, in terms of tripping it kind of creates the nightmare that is the average Colosseum experience.

    (I did suggest some changes to the format when it had just been released that would have resolved most of those issues. I still stand behind those suggestions even if Gaea is choosing to ignore them.)
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    I find I trip almost constantly as a whirlwinding warrior, usually just stick to straight attacks now....

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