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Thread: Colosseum optimization

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    I tried Colosseum for the first time.
    (1) How can you land a hit when you're already stunned right off the bat?
    (2) How can you land a hit when that gd pop-up keeps rearing it's head mid-game?
    (3) How can you use your tokens when that blue swirly thing lasts longer than the energizer bunny? I only managed to use 5/20 tokens.
    (4) Matchmaking takes f*****g a long time. And I still end up facing off against unicorns.

    This last one is a nitpick: was I playing CA or Streetfighter? I'm referring to that font used for the VS logo.

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    You have super eyesight ^^

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    1 match-up in 1.5 hours so far today in Diamond. Still, since we aren't allowed to be negative, I suppose I should be thankful that I haven't had to experience so many rollbacks/glitches and lost games? lol

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    1- When someone hits you, it is impossible to use a single token, unless the players finish from hitting you.
    2- When 2 players hit the same opponent, nothing happens one is hitting the second one misses the hit.
    3- today I had a glitch for 20 minutes (lasted for a whole battle) every time I tried to hit I've got a message (your team is not participating in this battle)

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    For my experience, Col seems to be slightly better in performance then when it was first released. Thank you devs

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    Performance is poor as most noted. Its an awesome feature though unlike world monster with one winner. Issue I think is the program is holding more than one execution. I get frustrated and click many times and some clicks go through latter than others and most not at all. I could be healing and a previous click goes through and changes my loadout.

    Try one click operation so more than that are not registered or in Que. Reduce tokens by half. Eliminate non action benefits.

    Add 2 more time slots..reduce time of each slot.

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    3 hours of diamond queues, 3 total battles, one of which didn't give any points. Lol. Optimisation at its finest.

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    2100 points today. first battle i tryede to do action for about 10 minuts. got 2-3 tokens of actions reset and so on and so on....
    after the first bad battle i just click the join button. every time it was open.
    easyer to just get the points this way, sadly

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    Colosseum is good place to accomplish evade 200 times for campaign. It is better if I am the only one active player.
    Everyone is expendables, no matter how important you think you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by good man View Post
    Colosseum is good place to accomplish evade 200 times for campaign. It is better if I am the only one active player.
    Totally agree with that. I do all my evade-whrilwind-poly tasks there. Way faster than relying on classic, 100vs100 or alike. EVen taking blue orbs into account.

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