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Thread: Arena XII

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    i hope they do not start Arena now. with the holidays coming up it will be a mess. i will be away from the 19th of Dec to the 4th of Jan. will be with family. not with Arena. wife keeps asking me if arena has started yet. i tell her "nope". she is getting upset that it has not started yet because she knows that i get in as many hits in as i can. Ghost, if you are reading this please make arena only a week or start arena mid January. i have no idea what the hold up is. please do not leave us in the lurch.
    Yes, it is definitely better to play Arena at work or in the classroom than at home during holidays. If Ghost you are reading this, please consider there are different opinions.

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    Arena testing timers? Just clicked on the Arena XI section and saw that the timer was running and I had tokens to use, but no players to hit.
    Same with Deathmatch, timer is running with tokens with my health at 0.

    Eagerly waiting to see the new Arena.

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    NOT OPTED IN: They have not opted into arena!

    Interesting, why arena system gives me the target that not opted in and then reject my attack action?

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    Now that Arena is here, I'm going to close this speculation thread in favor of the new one opened up.!

    If you're having technical problems, the Support section is the better place to post those fyi.
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