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    Default spending?

    was wondering how other players spending habits on the game is and if it had change.
    has it become higher/lower after the newest features in the game.the 3 events going in circles and the legal use off alts/minis(as it has been explainde to me its ok,as long as 1 is fb account and the rest is 1 per ios device and as we all know many now always have 1-2 ios device and a pc at hand all day loooong ;-)
    so have this two nice new features made you spending higher or lower?

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    To my knowledge, 1 account per iOS device +1facebook has always been that way, nothing new.

    Regarding spending habits, I used to buy a promo or 2 per year (average of 20-40$/year) and early this year I decided not to buy anymore. Then Colosseum started and it brought some fun and new goals to the point that I bought the promo. Not that I am going to fill Gaea's pockets, but they got something from me I didn't expect
    If it where for Tresure Island or Meteorite along, I wouldn't spend again.

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    Events initially made me spend more but I halted my spending when devs added gold to prizes.

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    My spending has crept up about $10 a month due only to mystic emporium that is without paying to refresh.

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    my self i had basically stopped spending,then the 3 events came and i start again(about 100$ a month). then the prices/drop rate startet to get bad. and running the same events over and over.
    and the us off minis/alts basically killed the point in trying to build one good toon,that cost a fortune to improve. that will easyly get run over by players holding 3-4-5+ toons in battle.
    and the new mystic emporium does nothing good,beside give those holding mini's an easy way to get portions/crystals for those minis.
    and the new 5v5 once again shows fuzz is way overpower,so no point in joining that either(atleast it is a free feature,but that is also only positiv thing to say about it). swirling blue is once again taking over CA because of this feature.(unless you have away around,witch i looks like the top fuzz mages have,that is always the first action to happen in any 5v5 i have tryed).
    so once again spending at a nice 0$ each month
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    I consider getting FP without spending $$ an in-game achievement. It's a bigger goal than leveling up.

    But I still spent about $40 on package promos in 2018. I don't use FPs for events or recharges, and only spend them on Oracle generals, or chest rolls when offered for 10 FPs at the Mystic Emporium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hansa View Post
    ...give those holding mini's an easy way to get portions/crystals for those minis.
    It's really not that easy with the new territory economy. Gold takes a while to accumulate for a low-level mini. And if they spend FPs to get stuff, that's money in Gaea's pocket. They aren't going to turn it away.

    Minis created before the territory economy do have an advantage, though. There was a brief "golden age of twinking" when new players started with lots of favor points & easy gold, oracle generals became available at lower levels, stamina & energy began refreshing at double the rate, new monsters dropped overpowered items, etc.

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    "mini's" er not just low level,they are also handover accounts from players who has them self stop playing, they are now just used buy old guild mates,whit the "excuse" that they are someones "ios" account. ;-)
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