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Thread: Colesseum - Unable to battle more than once per session

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    Not sure who to address this to but I can always get right into a battle (I always use single) when the Colosseum time periods start. However, after the end of the first battle, I hit Back and my screen shows the Colosseum with the messahe that I've already collected for this battle. There are no buttons to push and no amount of refreshing changes the screen. I am unable to battle again until the beginning of the next period. Any suggestions? Thanks very much.

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    Are you using the FB version, the app or via Web3/4? What browser do you use? Can you post a screenshot of the page you get where you cannot do anything?
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    Exactly the same is happened and to me.
    When the Colosseum period starts, i use "Single", entered the battle and after it finish, i press "Back" and i went ot this screeen:

    No "Single" button no "Team" button, no the members of my team. And ofcourse i can't leave the team as i don't have the "Quit"
    When i refresh the page, it leads me to the previous battle, i see the "Back" button, press it and again i see the above screenshot
    with the missing buttons.

    I tried using FB, Web3, on Chrome and on Mozilla, i tried too different laptops and too different cellphones.
    Results are the same, buttons are missins.

    The ONLY way to see the missing buttons, is to log on my IOS device, where everything there is ok.
    From my IOS device i can start new battle or quit from the team. Then all is ok and on FB/Web3.
    But i have to log again on my IOS device after the end of the next battle and so on.
    That's not a way to play ofcourse, you have to fix it.

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