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Thread: Ghost Brigade is recruiting!

  1. Talking Ghost Brigade is recruiting!

    We're a level 24 Guild with a pretty laid back atmosphere

    Some info about us:
    • We do all aspects of the game, LoM, LoE & Guild battles. Classic battle time is 1-3pm PST. 100v100 battle times are 9am, 3pm & 9pm.
    • 100v100: Platinum (ranked 134)
    • 10v10: 2 Platinum, 6 Gold & 2 Silver squads
    • We mostly do Hard explores, Ouroboros spawning quite often these days. Our regular explore monsters are: Orc Band, Alpha Mephistopheles, Corvintheus, Jahanna, Aurora, Agamemnon, Alexandra (will probably move up a tier soon)

    Requirements aren't hard to meet:
    • Be active in LoM monsters or in battles. Monster Hunters and PvP players are both welcome (you can be both of course!)
    • Minimum activity: 1 monster point & 1 battle point per month.
    • Join LoM lands for defense (you don't need to actively defend, but at least join the land). Participate in LoE when needed.
    • No BSI requirement, just stay active! Level 500+ preferred, negotiable if you can be often active in battles and/or very active in LoM monsters.

    Our Guild link:
    Facebook: Ghost Brigade on FB
    web3: Ghost Brigade on web3

    Our Guild Master Keep link:
    Valatar - GM Keep

    Our Facebook group:
    Ghost Brigade Castle Age Guild

    If you're interested feel free to apply directly in-game or ask any question on this thread or on our GM wall

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    Still looking. Got some room for active players.

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