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    The Colosseum beta is now live!

    How to play:
    【Time】You can battle multiple times between 10:00-13:00 PST & 20:00-23:00 PST

    【Matchmaking】You can choose Single or Team to search for other players. We will arrange similar-tier opponents for you. Opting-in for single will put you with a random team.

    【Battle】5v5 Battle is similar to 10v10. You have 20 tokens when you enter the battle and you restore 10 tokens every 2 minutes. The maximum length of each battle is 20 minutes.

    【Rewards】You will earn 1 star when you win, and lose 1 star when you lose. You will also earn Honor Points after every battle.

    【Tiers】Player starts from Bronze III. Tiers include: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Gladiator, from low to high.

    【Honor Point】You can exchange Honor Points for rewards in Shop.

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