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Thread: Best warrior alliance?

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    Default Best warrior alliance?

    Have been checking but could not decide whether which alliance would be best for warrior class

    Attilius and Meekah for sure but how about the third one? Suggestions? Both non-chest and chest included.

    Though chest generals are difficult, you can spend thousands of FP and could hardly get one of the generals you seek. Believe me I know Spent thousands of FP to get Alloken, have only one, and common generals are already five stars

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    For guild battles, I have a 3* lvl 53/54 Jera followed by 5* lvl 43 Meekah and then 1* lvl 4 Ameron.

    If you can waste thousand of FP, try for Jera. Otherwise, I recommend Deianira as the third in the alliance.

    While Ameron has a better WW buff than Attilius, stick with Attilius as he offers better value due to being an Oracle General.

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    for attacking I use Attilius/Deianira/Meekah while defending I use Meekah/Kat/Daphne - as low spending warrior I put resources towards damage rune rather than general chests

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    From a f2p perspective:
    Attacking - Meekah/Attilius/Deianara (using Att/Meek/Grombeard for 1st hit Shout); Meekah costs significantly less to level in terms of experience and uses blue crystals.
    Defending - Daphne/Meekah/Katherine or Krystalia/Daphne/Hermoor when getting smacked down!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qruc View Post
    From a f2p perspective:
    Defending - Daphne/Meekah/Katherine or Krystalia/Daphne/Hermoor when getting smacked down!
    FYI - you need Meekah in your alliance or you will lose your confidence buff when someone attacks you.

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    Well aware of that! That's why Da/M/Ka for 'normal' defending - to promote bouncing and Kr/Da/H when I'm getting slaughtered and just trying to reduce as much damage and protect my stronger adjacent...
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    Multiple loadouts..
    If you dont need as much side damage and hitting up Remiel/Guin/Meekah
    Normal max damage Ameron/meekah/D
    If you have Amon sub him in as needed.
    Def best resist gen with Meekah in mix. Hera/Kath/M

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    my warrior class... i cant remember since i cant login on my ca acct.

    before start. Joan - and other health gen.
    start and 1 hit - Grombeard - annika - deainira - for sure win.
    2nd hit and succeeding hits - Meekah - attilius - deianira. - since i hit with grom with annika, had an idea if i can win against the foe.
    for the meantime add me 5E51FD and this
    Pls do not hurt me... coz i know someone who knows someone that knows someone who can hurt you.

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    Ok. So. Warrior loadouts...

    This really depends on the type of Warrior you wanna be, and how your stats are set up. A normal monster hunter such as myself, with plenty of health to start with should always have Oberon leading when you're away, and is much better suited to play defensively with Joan & Tyrant. Whereas a high bsi account with relatively low hp should stay away from Obi and try to keep health low, in order to take advamtage of The Butcher later in the battle. Gate placement is key for both types. Defensive Warriors go in the Keep. Butcher Warriors should be in the gate with the most active clerics (other than the keep).

    First hit of any battle should be made with Grombeard. You can use your best piercing or Damage Rune boosting general for the next 4 hits. After the 6th token, I use Jera/Deimos/Meekah, but I don't have the general that boosts everybody in the alliance and I forget her name right now.

    Depending how the battle is going, you'll need a Jera/Meekah/Butcher alliance, in whatever order you have to go with. Low hp/ high bsi builds should get the most out of Butcher if you play it right.

    You'll need to keep Meekah in your defensive loadout too, or risk having to start all over again with your Confidence. Otherwise, defensive strategy depends on your build and gate. Daphne and/Tora should be in there. Mix one of those with Jera to boost your own damage rune, or use Krystalina if you have a lower level danage rune, in order to take advantage of your opponent's higher level damage runes (depending on the battle, of course). That's good for a monster hunter sort of build. PvP builds should use a combo of Meekah and Resistance gens.

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