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Thread: New Team Battle feature - World Monster Suspension Notice

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    "Coming Soon......"

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    yeah. a longggggggggggggggg wait....

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    You know.... they say that patience is a virtue. Some also say that you have to play the waiting -game-.

    Obviously the new feature is you all practicing patience and it's a virtuous new feature.

    Many thanks to Gaea for helping us all become better people!
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    It is Karaoke time. I find this choice a fitting and on topic tune.

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    It's being dragged out again ........ Most of CA players, just want something to go for in 10v10 100v100 battle

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    new team battle..... world battle?

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    the devs took away dogie event and promise to replace with some new feature, Team Battle.

    two weeks passed but no new feature. i wish they leave dogie event on until they actually have the new feature ready. getting daily refine crystals were helpful.

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