The 6* Oracle General promotion allows players to get a specific General to 6* but had a few drawbacks:
- it was limited time only so if you snooze, you lose
- the sequence of the generation promotion was important; the player had to promote his General to 5* before buying the 6* promotion

In summary: The gist of the 6* promotion was to raise money for Gaea and give players a chance to have 6* Generals.

Then Gaea introduced the Mystic Emporium which did two things:
- allowed players to promote Oracle generals to 8*
- from above remove the problem of getting a General to 5* before buying the 6* promotion

What Gaea should do is make one change to its current Mystic Emporium design which captures the spirit of the 6* promotion:
- add another buy selection, which is 3 copies of a random Oracle General
- rather than have six choices, the player is faced with seven choices

This allows players to get their 8* Oracle General faster.