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Thread: Current Event: Caverns of Time

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    thx, already bought The Time Keeper

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    Quote Originally Posted by gogoo View Post
    70% isn't the chance to win the jackpot when you kill a Fire Lord (this must be closer to 1%, or maybe even much less). It's the chance (very very approximately, and according to my "feeling" only), if you win the jackpot, that this jackpot will be 10% of the Token Jackpot (often 50,000).

    Btw, I noticed several people won 10k (20%) recently.

    So it appears you can win either: 10%, 20%, 25% or 30% of the Token Jackpot.

    Has anyone seen someone winning 7,5k? That would be 15%, which would make sense.

    Edit: Also after seeing more people win, maybe 70% for 5k was a bit much. Edited my previous post.'_theorem

    The following are two examples:

    1) 70% chance of getting Time Keeper

    2) 70% chance of getting Time Keeper after winning a jackpot

    The latter example is Bayesí theorem or conditional probabilities.

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    For anyone interested in some stats, we recently edited the wiki

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    I received lots of gold, evo. crystals and enhance crystals. I actually did better this event than normal... I made it through about 2 enemies a day and was excited with my rewards. I wouldn't say that I was overwhelmed with the outcome, but, still better than more time tokens that lead to nothing.

    Has anyone ever gotten a monster that didn't relinquish a prize for defeat? I got a few the first few events, I didn't know if that was a thing or not?

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    Finished the event with a couple of colored crystals, so I'm cool

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    I got enough EC to enhance 5 times, but had one enhance fail...

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    I still vote to cancel this event and have something new and more exciting.

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