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Thread: Question about managing drops in legendary monsters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandigerbolls View Post
    You might not like his wording, but I don't see that Cat13 is making any claim the numerical results change.

    He's just saying that as they accumulate, the imbalances aren't perceived as extreme relative to the whole data.

    I would agree, but we don't allow the data to accumulate -- we shave off balanced portions to alchemize every time we get a chance -- and for that reason the extremes are left in our inventory.

    Or we can just give Kobo those 30 troll tusks...
    The second I read the first post Cat made I knew what was going to happen.

    Like a moth to a flame...

    The thing is, whether or not the ingredients are used you still know what your drops were.

    0 Blue Chromus Eye
    25 Red Chromus Eye

    9 Vials of burning blood
    48 Vials of icy blood

    Because you know how many you've used for alchemy.

    70 vs. 95 Chromus eyes (total)

    169 vs. 208 vials...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Wimsta View Post

    70 vs. 95 Chromus eyes (total)

    169 vs. 208 vials...
    You seems have more 2nd part, I have more 1st part:
    Chromus Eye - 11 : 9
    Scale - 18 : 4
    Vial - 17 : 3
    Dragon Spirit - 5 : 1

    maybe it's by design, overall it's 1:1, but for different account, it's not even...

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