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Thread: Increase rare, epic , and legendary drops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batw View Post
    We are already in a world of “double drop” event due to double regen alone.

    And I have to agree with hansa in that with revised general alliance, 5* to as high as 8* generals, make drops so much easier to get with low stamina requirements. Here is a personal example: When Thanatos, the Reborn was introduced, it took 7K to 8K stamina to get 94 mil dmg for a legendary drop and that same legendary drop now cost me an average of 1.2K stamina, or a massive reduction in stamina requirements.

    If you use stamina usage per drop as your metric, drops are now a fraction of their original costs.
    Wow. You hate free stuff huh?

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    do not think it is a case of hating free stuff. if they made a new monster and start that on of with a double drop event,that will great. doing it on older monsters were some players have paid refil to finish them. that will not be fair to them. take chromos as example cost close to 2$ in refils to get legendary in on it.then after some players are done cutting the price to 1$ for the rest of the players does not seem fair
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