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    small casual no stress guild looking for members with no minimum stats or requirements. Just looking for players who like to play and have fun and show some signs of life to log in now and then. We also welcome those who wanna go hardcore and play everyday as we have daily active players, doesn't matter its only a game. We are currently in the Top 21-40% in Monster and Guild battles and like to do all aspects of the game including guild battles, monster hunting, conquest, Land of Earth and whatever else you can think of. Anyone interested can message me. 271F3D

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    still recruiting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luciffer View Post
    still recruiting!
    Can i know more about your guild?

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    Still recruiting all levels new and old, Lets get strong together!!!!!

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    i wanne join

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    Anyone can send me their army code and I will send Invite

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