Follow-up to this post: How long have you been playing Castle Age?

Hey everyone!

Recently I began writing an article on the Wiki to make a chronological list of all recently added features to the game:
Castle Age Features - Chronological List

A few times I've seen people come back to the game and ask on these forums: "What has happened while I was away?". I was in this case as well when I went back to the game.
That's the reason I made that list.

However now I think it could become something greater.
I was thinking about renaming the article simply "Castle Age Chronology".

It could gather all features, but also events, new monsters etc. that were added to the game through the years.

But I certainly won't be able to do this myself alone. I could probably add all monsters because I think the introduction date is always stated on their wiki page, but for the rest, it would be extremely tedious and complicated or maybe impossible.
There's just too much stuff, I will definitely forget a lot of features if I try to do it alone.

So what should be on that list?
  • Features (such as Enhance, Refine, Chaos Campaign...)
  • Events (Arena, Meteorite...)
  • New Monsters
  • New quests
  • ?

What shouldn't be on the list?
  • Small stuff with pretty much no impact on the game, such as new promo packs, new gifts (unless it adds a new feature)...

The reason is that otherwise, the list will probably be too hard to build, and also will be less readable.

If you have any ideas, or are able to help build this Chronology, I think it could be a nice thing to have

How can I help?
  • Edit the wiki!
  • Post the feature(s) you know about on this thread, with at least the year and month it was introduced, and I'll be happy to add it to the list myself

Thanks for reading and maybe contributing