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Thread: How long have you been playing Castle Age?

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    February 2010. Probably near the end of Feb.

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    Joined sometime in early 2009, dropped it after completing the first land quests due to overblueballspinning that made the game unplayable, wandered around for a few months at similar games (mafia wars etc.) and came back when technical problems seemed to have been started fixing.

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    Well my son is nine years old and i have been playing longer than that. There were no chests. No arena yet. I cannot pin point the year or month but it must have been around the beginning. Friend of mine played even before me and he is the one that got me into it.

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    Started Early 2010, Stopped several months after Guild's were released.
    I was the leader of {EGG}, one among many guild's that immediately popped up.
    I quit playing because I was going through a divorce and needed to get my ex-wife off my back. I deleted Facebook for several years.

    I started playing again around March of this year.. I came back to a wonderful world of enhancements and less populated by fodder.
    I have maybe played a total of 2-3 years, in various stages in life.

    I like how the game has progressed, I know it's easy to see all the holes in the game. But, I have enjoyed my time with it.

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    Once upon a time, there woulda been a "How long have you been spamming the forum" thread to mock this one.

    Zergy probably wouldve made it. Trollololz all around.

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