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Thread: How long have you been playing Castle Age?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dani2000 View Post
    Lol, yeah... it's nice to remember those time.

    of course i would assumed both of you would have been spamming way back in 90's.
    There may or may not be such a thread in off topic right now...

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    I believe it was July of 2010, if later that year was Arena 3, I was only a level 80 in that arena. Made Hero and my weapons won lasted 2-3 years, now you get junk

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    Seven years.
    Only semi-playing now. New guild battle seasons would get me going again.
    Why won't the devs give us new seasons? Have they said anything about them?

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    About 9 years, can't see any new seasons or Arena with proper prizes any time soon, the new devs don't appear to have the programming expertise for it, always takes the easy option of giving free chest rolls away, in all my time playing I have NEVER got an epic General from a chest so doesn't excite me much when I get a free one

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    Since 2009. Many highs and lows. Hopefully Gaea sell the game to another company and we can all move forward.

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